Fairy Doors

Fairy Doors
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My wee fairy doors are fantastic for helping to create positive sleep associations.

Before your little one goes to bed, talk with them about how the fairies will sneak into their bedroom through the fairy door and watch over them while they sleep. Whatever sleep-issue you are facing (staying in bed throughout the night, settling to sleep, nightmares) can be helped by introducing a fairy door - and creating a story about the fairies visiting your little one's bedroom. 

Hidden behind the wee fairy door is a secret passage to an enchanted land, one that is filled with the stories of fairies, elves, wonder and adventure. For entry, you will find a special key held in the magic bottle of fairy dust, one of which only the fairies and elves may use. 

Also widely used for the tooth fairy, dummy fairy or even for the Easter bunny and Santa's elves. Accessories available: staircase, ladder and mailbox. 

My wee fairy doors open inwards so once they are installed they cannot open. Only the fairies and elves can open the doors with their wee magic keys. 

Your Fairy Door will come with fairy dust and a key. Our doors are for decorative use only - not a toy. Contains small parts which are a choking hazard. Not for children under 3 years. Supervision is required for younger children.

Size: 140 x 203mm. Made from wood using non-toxic paint. Attach to the wall using celloptape, glue or 3M strips. 



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