We bring Kippiny magic to nap-time with our range of stunning baby comforters – wild friends called the Kippins! Made from pure, chemical free organic cotton, our baby comforters are naturally hypoallergenic and better for baby and the Earth!

Choose from a range Kippiny characters that bring comfort at nap-time and help your little one-self soothe to sleep. A baby comforter is a sleep aid that provides a source of comfort for your baby to get to sleep without help from Mum or Dad. A Kippins baby comforter’s presence at every nap will become a sign for your baby that it is time for sleep. When they wake during their natural sleep cycles, their Kippins baby comforter will be there to help them fall back asleep easily.

A baby comforter is also a lifesaver in times of change or stress – you will be amazed at the special bond they have with their friend. If you want your baby to learn to sleep in different environments, their baby comforter is a portable friend that makes it easy! A baby comforter is a source of comfort for your little one if they are sick or scared – and ours are ethically made and machine washable too