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April 28, 2018 Kate Saunders

Cara, who designed the Baby Pouch, lets us in on a few secrets about how it came to be and the benefits of using the Baby Pouch. 


The Baby Pouch is a babywearing top designed and made right here in New Zealand.  It is the simplest way to wear your baby.  Unlike other baby wearing products on the market such as packs, wraps and slings, there is nothing for mum to learn. This means no clipping, tying or positioning for mum to get her head around, and no need to watch repeats of Youtube clips to get it on right!  The Baby Pouch has been designed so that mum can slip it on in the morning, popping baby in and out as needed.  It is functional, yet stylish, and serves as a breastfeeding singlet when baby is not in the pouch.  It is designed so the pouch extends for baby, and snaps back into a fitted position so that mum can feel good wearing The Baby Pouch.

The benefits of babywearing are well documented: a calmer, more content baby and increased maternal confidence to name a few.  The Baby Pouch takes babywearing and simplifies it, increasing its benefits to all mothers.  At a time when mum is learning so much, and baby is craving her constant connection, we want to simplify mums life.  If it can help mums feel more confident in their mothering, or help them to get out of the house for some fresh air, or even to brush their teeth then we have succeeded.

I discovered the benefits of babywearing with my first child. Babywearing equals happy baby, which equals getting stuff done!  But the constant clipping and adjusting of the various menagarie of products I had aquired was tiresome.  My frontpack was bulky and my baby sling needed constant adjusting which filled me with fear!  A friend lent me a wrap which nicely cocooned my baby against my chest but it took so long to ‘wrap’ and was a nuisance when breastfeeding while out because I needed to re-wrap to get her back in. This increased my anxiety about getting back home in time for feeds.  Amidst a haze of sleepless nights I needed simple.

Simple meant being able to wear my baby in a way that was easy - without the multiple youtube videos to get it her on right - something I didnt have time for in the early weeks.

Simple meant being able to cuddle my baby without the sore arms, that came with countless feeds and sleepless nights.

Simple meant being able to answer the phone and gain some adult connection while comfortably snuggling my sweet newborn.

And most importantly for me.... simple meant being able to do the normal things like nip into the store while easily slipping my baby into my pouch.

Our vision is to provide a sytlish and functional product that educates mothers on the benefits of babywearing and serves to assist mums in meeting both their baby’s and their own needs. 

Our mission is to Empower mums through Simple Design. This means to increase mums confidence, especially in controlling her life, making mums life during the newborn stage that little bit easier.  With The Baby Pouch™ there simply is nothing to learn, and that’s its biggest value.

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