The dreaded nighttime toilet training

August 20, 2017 Kate Saunders

Not interested in the slightest... Me or him! But he has just turned four and I feel its one of those awful things that we as parents have to battle our way through. 

It's nighttime toilet training I'm referring to (although going by the sentence above it could be a plethora of subjects when we think of parenting four year old boys!)

We've been floating the idea around for a couple of months and wisely earlier this year I purchased two brolly sheets which have been my saviour this winter! His room gets pretty chilly so even with a heather on, he still has sheets, a mattress protector, and a blanket under that, plus a blanket on top and his duvet. Can you imagine how many loads of washing that would be? I'm thinking at least three plus a $100 bill at the drycleaners.

It's not unusual for him to wee a good couple of litres into a nappy at night (I'm sure he saves it up all day!) so we're taking no risks here, especially during winter!

We are still a wee way off success so I'll get back to you on progress closer to summer! But if you are also embarking on the dreaded nighttime toilet training then enter to win two Brolly Sheets over on our Facebook Page kindly donated by Diane at Brolly Sheets. Click here to visit their website. 



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  • Kellie Pierce

    Aug 21, 2017

    I need of of these for my little one. AMAZING

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