Sleep Consultant Directory

August 19, 2017 Kate Saunders

So our sleep consultant directory has been up and running for just over a week now and we have had lots of positive feedback about it! 

The directory is designed for sleep-deprived mamas to get all the info about sleep consultants in NZ all in one place! Because when we're tired we need things to be easy right?!

So on the directory you'll find a blurb about how each sleep consultant works enabling you to find the best fit for your family, lifestyle and parenting needs, as well as contact details and links to their websites and social media. The directory also includes their location if you prefer a home-based consult but they are work via skype/phone. 

Are we missing any info? Please get in touch with your suggestions and of course we always love to hear your feedback. If you are a sleep consultant and would like to be listed on the directory feel free to email me at for details. 

I thought I'd put together a wee list here of who we have on the directory as we have had a couple of new listings since out initial launch last week. 

So we have: 

All Things Baby

Anne Cullen

Aroha Baby

Baby Help

Cherished Baby

Helen Armstrong Early Childhood Consultant

Night Owls

Serene Sleep

Sweet Dreams

The Little Sleep Co

Trish Martin Sleep Specialist






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