Dorothy Waide's tips on coping with daylight savings

March 31, 2018 Kate Saunders

The issue with daylight saving is not the time difference but the fact that the sun rises earlier and sets earlier making your baby’s bedroom lighter in the morning and this is what can affect their  morning wake up.  Night times are of course  are easier as the sun sets an hour earlier.  Good black out blinds will solve this issue very quickly.

The following are various options of dealing with daylight saving:

  • Automatically switch into the time change that day and adjust as the day goes by.
  • Ten days before the time change, start changing your baby’s routine by 15-minute increments every couple of days and by the time the day comes around, your baby will already be settled into the new time frame.

Other considerations:

  • Make sure your baby’’s room is dark - dark is for sleeping, light is for playing.
  • With older children the less they hear about the change in time, the less likely they will be to react to it.

What way does the clock go:

Spring – we skip forward one hour

Autumn – we skip back an hour

Travel and time

Remember if you are travelling through different time zones it takes a day for every hour difference to adjust, therefore with this theory it only takes one day to adjust to daylight saving. 

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