Toddler Taming Combo Deal

March 21, 2016 Kate Saunders

Our toddler taming combo deal includes Zazu sleep training clock and a copy of the Number 1 Bestseller 'The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep'.

Written by Swedish psychologist, Carl-Johan Forseen Ehrlin, 'The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep' brings an end to bedtime drama bysending children off to sleep in minutes. The book deploys carefully researched techniques including frequent intentional yawning by the reader, phrases that must be emphasised and instructions to read the text calmly and slowly.

This sleep-training clock will encourage children to stay in bed until an appropriate time in the morning. Sam the Sheep will close his eyes at bedtime and go to sleep too. His screen will light up blue meaning it is sleep time and 12 stars will disappear as Sam counts down to wake-up time.

Sam has 2 wake-up settings. At a specific time, for example 7 am in the morning or a set number of minutes, for example wake-up after 120 minutes (afternoon nap).

Sam has a sound alarm which can be set (or disabled). The set time can differ from the wake-up time. For example, the alarm can be set half an hour after opening of Sam's eyes.

Sam's nightlight, lit up screen, can stay lit during the entire night, but can also be set on timer (5-15-30 minutes).

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